Products & Services

Frehill Insulation Co., Inc. has expertise in all types of insulation applications:

Fiberglass batts

Usually used for new or open cavity construction, and is a cost effective way to insulate.

Loose fill insulation

These types of insulation are most often used in existing structures or homes to add insulation to attics or difficult to access areas such as wall or other closed cavities. There are two main types of loose fill insulation; cellulose is a recycled newspaper product and fiberglass is the same fiberglass used for batt  insulation just in a shredded type form. Both products are installed with a machine that uses air to condition and move the product into the area to be insulated .

Spray foam

This is a two part product that is combined in a spray gun that is used to apply the foam like a paint where it expands in place to fill the cavity. There are two types of foam,  a closed cell foam which has high R Value per inch and is a good choice in damp locations. Open cell foam is a higher expanding foam which is great for completely filling areas where the R value is not limited by minimal cavity depth.